Information for New Patients


We hope to meet you soon at Taupō Health Centre. We aim to provide the best care for Taupō.

We are always able to see people visiting our great district; however please call first and make an appointment. We have a Urgent Care Clinic for urgent on the day medical concerns, please call us to make an appointment.

For any serious emergencies, please go straight to Taupō Hospital Emergency Department.

For residents of Taupō, if you are not already a patient with us, please register. This ensures you can visit your doctor for only $19.50 for a standard 15 minute medical appointment.

You can only be registered with one practice within NZ.


Download and fill in the forms, choose your doctor, and along with your identification (copy of NZ passport or overseas passport with visa page included) bring them to our reception.

Once your identification has been received, you can be registered. All future standard visits will be at the registered rate ($19.50). See our list of fees for other services we provide.

For your first appointment, please book a double appointment (30 minutes, $50). The extra time ensures you and your GP can get properly acquainted, review your medical history and cover any particular concerns. You may also be asked to see one of our Medical Care Assistants first, free of charge, to ensure your details are up to date and correct.

Please click here to view the identification and eligibility requirements to enrol with a GP:                                                                                                    

Our appointments are 15 minutes. If you have a few things to discuss, please book a double appointment. An extra charge may be applied to appointments that run over time. Keeping your appointment to 15 minutes or less ensures reasonable waiting times.

If your scheduled appointment is not long enough to cover everything, your doctor may help you prioritise which of your issues needs most urgent attention. You can then arrange a return appointment for the other issues. This ensures each problem is fully addressed

We provide multiple ways for you to make an appointment.

  1. For those registered on ‘MyIndici’ please follow this link to login and make your appointment online.
  2. You can call us and speak to one of our team at our Patient Access Centre in Hamilton. We have a phone triage service where a doctor or nurse will call you back the same day to see how we can best manage your problem.
  3. Pop in and speak to one of our receptionists.

If you would like a support person with you at your consultation, please feel free to bring someone with you or advise our staff, who will get a member of staff to attend the consultation with you.

  • If it is not an urgent matter, we encourage you to plan ahead and book in advance. Please always try and book with your own GP. This is important as it allows us to provide the best possible care for you. You will get to know your doctor, and they will get to know you. This also allows them to provide help over the phone and online through your patient portal later on when needed.
  • We understand it is important for you have to a GP that suits you and your needs. If you would like to change to a different GP please call and specify your preference to one of our team, who will then assist you to book a double ‘first consult’ with your new GP. Please keep in mind we only have a few GPs taking new patients. If you change from your usual GP, you may not be able to change back.

We are a teaching practice because we believe training our future GPs is a vital part of ensuring ongoing care for our community.

We periodically host medical students from Auckland University. If your doctor is working with one for the day of your appointment, you will be asked if you are happy to have them sit in and observe your consultation. If you are not comfortable with this please say so, or mention to your doctor during the consultation if you’d like them to leave. We may have final year medical students, ‘trainee interns’ who can see you instead of your GP. They will always involve your GP at the end, and you will get the opportunity to discuss anything further or express concerns if needed.

For more information please have a look at our Patient Information Brochure

We expect payment for services on the day of consultation. We accept cash, Eftpos and Internet banking, automatic payment, Visa, and Mastercard.

Internet banking details: 02 0428 0283785 000. Please include your full name and chart number or invoice number, which is shown on your invoice/receipt.

You can now also pay your account via the MyIndici portal. Enter your card details into the ‘account’ page on the portal, and payment will be registered on your Indici account straight away.

We don’t routinely notify patients when results are normal. Standard blood tests can take 3-4 days for reporting and some histology and cervical screening results can take up to 10 days. If you haven’t heard from us and would like to know your results, please call the Administration Nurse on 07 378 7060. Your results can also be accessed via your MyIndici patient account.

Please read to find out about the mandatory use of mask or face covering within Taupō Health Centre. Mandatory Use of Mask or Face Covering within Taupō Health Centre.Oct.2021

Call us on 07 378 7060 or just drop in to make an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns at all about the COVID-19 or Booster vaccination.

Please contact us to make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination for children and young people aged 5 years and over.