If you are on a regular medication(s), you can request a repeat prescription, providing there have been no recent changes and you have seen your GP within the last 6 months.

Most scripts are for a 3 month supply of medication, so after your last visit, you can usually get one repeat script before needing to see your GP again (i.e. see your GP every 6 months).

If the medication you require is not a regular one, i.e. a pain killer, sleeping pill, or if it is a new medication you have been started on, e.g. antidepressant, you will likely need to see your doctor to get another prescription.

If you are unsure, please call and ask to speak to our nurse.

We do not do repeat prescriptions on antibiotics; you need to be assessed first to determine if this is something you need.

  • call (07) 378 7060
  • fax (07) 375 2255
  • or request it directly from your doctor via the MyIndici patient portal.

When you contact us, please specify if you need it urgently, and we can make it ready within 24 hours for an additional fee. Otherwise, please allow 2-3 days for your script to be ready.