Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Our team is well equipped to manage common women’s health concerns.


Several of our GPs have completed post graduate training specifically in women’s health. We can assist you through all the changes and challenges women face through life, including all the ups and downs. Regular general health check-ups are also encouraged. See the Mens’ Health section for more details of what is covered.

In addition to the care from your GP, our nurses can provide;

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Administering depo contraception (if previously started by your GP or Nurse Prescriber)
  • Sexual Health checks
  • Smear tests/cervical screening
  • Morning after pill
  • Breast checks and Mammography referral
  • Help you to arrange tests and a GP visit if you are considering a termination

Please book to see your GP for any of the below:

  • Breast checks
  • Contraception
  • Family planning
  • Help with fertility issues
  • Menstrual problems
  • Support through menopause
  • Unexpected bleeding