Men’s Health

Men’s Health

When people think about men’s health concerns they often consider common problems like erectile dysfunction or other sexual health issues.

At Taupō Health Centre our doctors are very comfortable and used to helping men and couples with these conditions.

Mens’ health, however, is also much more than this. It’s a known fact that many men don’t feel the need for regular medical checks, or a “Warrant of Fitness” as its sometimes named. We encourage everyone to have a regular medical check up – at least every three years or more often if you require it. It’s a good thing to know you are healthy!

During your appointment you will have your blood pressure, height, weight, and heart checked. We will check for any pointers in your past history, and your family history that might need further investigation. We will do blood tests checking for a range of conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol and anaemia, and anything that particularly concerns you. Prostate blood tests are not a useful screening tool, and rectal exams are no longer routine. Your GP will be able to discuss prostate health with you, and discuss the pros and cons of further tests or exams.

We look forward to catching up with you.