Taupo Health Centre



The receptionists look after all enquiries to the front desk; check in patients for appointments and charge and invoice for services. They manage the flow through the surgery and it can be a very busy environment to work within.

  • Madeline Ridley - is our supervisor in reception
  • Paula Limbrick
  • Karen Foster
  • Helen Dooley
  • Heather Harris
  • Rose Whaley


We have 1 full time medical typist who also does a variety of other administrative tasks, including liaison with specialists, hospitals and other providers.
  • Madeline Ridley – Full time medical typist & reception supervisor


1 full time administrator who looks after Management of Bad Debts, system enrolment requirements & building maintenance also acts as backup for wages & medical typing.

  • Tracy Hart

3 administrators who look after new enrolments, transfers, patient registration and act as backup to receptionists.

  • Leonie Bowyer
  • Angela Fenson
  • Jennifer Hoblyn

Medical Care Assistants (MCA)

We have 4 MCA's who support the nurses and doctors by rooming patients prior to their appointment with the GP to record blood pressure, height, weight and verify geographic data like address, phone number etc they also order stock, clean rooms and medical equipment and numerous other tasks.

  • Margaret Wainscott
  • Kelly Bowden
  • Michelle Wise
  • Carla Crowe


Normal hours - 8.00am to 5.30pm
After Hours - If you need urgent Medical Attention outside of hours please ring - (07) 378 7060
Waiting Times - Due to unexpected emergencies, delays are sometimes inevitable and we would ask for your tolerance and understanding in these circumstances.
All communications are recorded.
Contact Details
Phone: (07) 378 7060
Email: admin@taupohealth.co.nz
113 Heuheu Street, Taupo 3330
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