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Practice Manager

Cheryl Clark is the Practice Manager.


We have a total of 13 nurses.

Nurse Practitioner

Our Nurse Practitioner is Sue vanMierlo.  Sue covers the overflow of the mornings phone triage.  She also sees patients presenting through our triage area and is our Diabetic nurse.  Sue also coordinates the nurses in the running of the High Care Needs Clinics.

Admin Nurses

A nurse is rostered to cover administration tasks each day, this rotates amongst the staff.  They look after all nurse enquiries, insurance medical requests, lab result enquiries etc

Triage Nurses

The emergency department has 4 nurses on duty each day, they see patients for nurse type consultations ranging from dressing changes to liquid nitrogen treatment. They also support the GP’s with minor surgeries, chaperoning consultations and many other tasks. The nurses are trained to provide a wide range of clinical services from plastering broken limbs to stabilising a collapsed patient; their role is diverse and varied and requires a reliable and confident individual who can deliver the required healthcare in a calm and professional manner sometimes under very stressful situations. Each of our nurses also specialise in specific health treatments as follows:

Carolyn Clarke -  Head nurse
Aude Tangney - 2IC to our Head nurse
Rebecca Negus - CVRA's and IV Cannulation, High Care
Sue Monkman - CVRA's, Cervical Screening, ear suctioning & IV Can Dale Byers  - Ear Suctioning
Annette Doig
Sirpa Lajunen - CVRA's
Berrie O'Connor
Elizabeth Tautala - High Care Needs Assessments
Louise Blyth - IV Cannulation
Debbie Lecky - IV Cannulation

Casual Nurse: Our casual nurse covers leave and sickness and generally fills in where needed are:
Angela Sickler

Normal hours - 8.00am to 5.30pm
After Hours - If you need urgent Medical Attention outside of hours please ring - (07) 378 7060
Waiting Times - Due to unexpected emergencies, delays are sometimes inevitable and we would ask for your tolerance and understanding in these circumstances.
All communications are recorded.
Contact Details
Phone: (07) 378 7060
Email: admin@taupohealth.co.nz
113 Heuheu Street, Taupo 3330
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